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Madrid Tourist Attractions

Many passengers prefer to directly go to near any visiting place for peace of mind after their long and tired journey as there are about 50 museums near Madrid airport in Spain in which entrance is free for all people. Real Madrid is club of football at Santiago Barnabeu Stadium which is famous all around the world and many passengers prefer to visit it first. There is space for about 85,000 audiences and three times football tournaments are arranged there. Flamenco is a known as a dance club near the airport. A person can eat dinner and lunch at there but it is less expensive for new passengers. It is also clubs where songs are sung as well as the music with guitar is famous as it keeps the person relax.

There are three famous art galleries which are at a few distances from each other. But they beautifully show the western art and demonstrate the western culture in a beautiful manner. Each art gallery is too large and person cannot visit all three galleries in first time because all galleries are full of information. Prado is the name of first and the oldest art gallery opened about two centuries before. Its address and phone number is available on the internet for new passenger who comes to visiting first time.

The Reina Sofia museum is another art gallery near Madrid airport as it was a hospital but was then renovated. This building was built about three centuries before. Glass and steel work can be found there which is the most interesting thing to see but most of the items, placed in a museum are related to Spanish history and depicts the Spanish culture and civilization. The Thyssen-Bornemisza is the third museum in which art work of Dutch people of the 17th century is placed. Different styles of Russian arts can also be visited there.

Palacio Real is a famous and attractive palace in Spain near Madrid airport which was built in 1764 but it was also reconstructed recently and now is safe for tourists visiting there. But there are two places, pharmacy where several old medicines and chemical are placed and the second is armory where weapons are saved so to keep them as they are, local passengers and tourists are not given permission to visit them. Plaza Mayor is a place near an airport which is in square shape and it is very much bigger as it measures about 130 by 95 meters. There are nine entrance gates and it is a great place for those who want to drink coffee and want to view all other passengers passing nearby.

Puerta Del Sol is named as its meaning is gate of sun, and it is also built in a square shape. Its the best place for meeting purpose and at night time, many people come there and sit with their families and discuss anything they want. So its lights in the night time make it glow like sun so many passengers try to get accommodation near this hall.

Complete information can be got by calling on this number: +34915881636 about tourist points near the airport. There are many other monuments, tapas and bullfights can give pleasure to passengers when they visit them as they all are near Madrid airport.

There are many beaches, famous mountains, ski resorts and rivers near the airport which can also be visited for bringing some freshness in the mood. Zoos, amusement parks and many shops are also nearby airport which sells a variety of items and low and cheap prices and even expensive products are also there. Fountain of Neptune near Prado museum is also a great place to visit.