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Avis Madrid Airport

The capital and the largest city according to population in Spain is Madrid. Madrid-Barajas airport is there which is also one of the largest and busiest airports in Spain as most people use it for connecting flights.

Avis is a car which is highly famous all over the world due to its service. It is licensed, registered and insured car often hired by passengers at airport in Madrid. Its system is innovated and now a person can hire this car service by just filling a form online, as reservations and booking are all done by just completing the data registration form in which a person have to enter the date, type of car, age of the driver and in which currency, the person will pay the amount.

Avis car can be hired from three terminals at Madrid airport and due to other pick and drop services, the timings are fixed for every car service at each terminal. From 7 am to 12 am, a car can be booked from terminal-1 and 2 while from 7 am to 3 am, Avis service can be hired from terminal 4 at Madrid airport.

About 450 companies of cars provide their services to the people at Madrid airport at different timings but a person can send his deposit for hiring the Avis car by any of the methods described by them, and this reason eases the most passengers.

These cars were first designed in New Jersey, which is a state located in north-eastern part of the U.S.A. The fees of the driver also vary according to age and from where we are using Avis service.

All three types’ small, medium and large Avis cars hire from Madrid airport and the main difference in them is their charges. The charges for small cars is between 70-80 Euros, for medium cars, a person have to pay between 80-110 Euros while 120-280 Euros are the rates for larger cars but it all depends on the distance and the wish of the driver. The prices are also low as compared to other car services at Madrid airport.

All contact numbers and email address are available on website for registering and getting information. In ticket, it is written that by which terminal a passenger should go while monitors on the airport shows the exit for car-park and this information is enough for passenger to hire an Avis car service keeping in view their service timings at different terminals.