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Madrid Airport Parking

An important issue which comes at the airport is of parking with security, as many vehicles and cars parked there are costly and insured so its responsibility of the management of airport to organize the parking systematically.

At Madrid airport, there are seven areas available for the cars which require parking for either short duration or for long-time but this parking area is restricted for public only. There is an area made at Madrid airport which gives parking license to about 1,665 cars for long span of time. A shuttle is also arranged for the protection of cars, while a VIP place is given to expensive cars.

All four terminals have a special arrangement for parking of vehicles. Anybody can find the information of parking as well as about the expenses of parking of their vehicles by calling or by checking it online. Several maps and driving directions are available on the website so car drivers should check them before parking their cars. Payment can be done either by credit cards or by digital machines at the Madrid airport in Spain.

The airport is located about 12 km away from north-eastern part of Central Madrid, a capital city of Spain. A person can go and come at Madrid airport through many vehicle services like car, bus, taxi or by train. Bus service is available 24 by 7 and in daytime, they depart after every five minutes to different locations of the city.

Parking at Madrid airport is offered at low cost with maximum guaranteed safety. All parking areas are given a special letter P but all having different colors which show the parking for different types of vehicles. For example: Blue P indicates the facility of parking but for only short term vehicles parking for either short duration or so on.