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Madrid Airport Buses

Bus service is also available to and from Madrid airport in Spain and special buses are started in the night time on the request, while in daytime, buses depart from airport after every five minutes to different destinations which give good facility to passengers. There are several express buses by which passengers can go to the airport as Express Aeropuerto is a bus service started recently which carries people from different areas of the city to the Madrid airport. This bus departs after every 20 minutes and in return, passengers can find this bus service from terminal 1, 2 and 4 at the airport. This bus service is terminated in the night as to avoid any serious accidents because of large crowd of traffic on the roads. This bus service is replaced by old 89 bus service. It has three stops during its way to the airport, while the ticket for the bus is two Euros which is not as cheaper if we compare it to the price of cars which are hired or reserved for going to airport. Complete information about this service can also be found on internet but it is cheap service with quality and also save time. Those persons cannot go to the airport by bus service who has heavy bags to carry with and also another disadvantage of bus service is its inconvenient and infrequent stops at different places for other passengers.

There are many other bus services, as another is city line express which runs after every 15 minutes and go to the central Madrid. There are shuttle services also available to and from Madrid airport which runs after every 3 minutes from each terminal. The price is same of two Euros but it takes time of about 40 minutes to reach at the destination.

Some people also prefer public buses but the condition is that they should have the knowledge of all roads as to reach at the right destination without any delay and with peace of mind. All buses are assigned specific numbers which help the passengers to know that where the bus will go, and where it will stop so knowledge about bus service is very much necessary if one want to travel to the airport through bus.

Many bus services are expensive which run in nighttime and on weekends because of large rush of people. The detail about pricing and operating hours can all be easily found on the internet.