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Madrid Airport Transfers & Taxis

Taxi service is also available for passengers to and from Madrid airport in Spain. A person can go to and from the airport or even can visit the whole airport in cab for just just 5.5 Euros. Luggage is placed on the roof of the taxi because it has its special place and it can be carried on roof without any extra payment. The amount is not accepted through the credit card system as the driver of the taxi has to return the remaining amount at the moment. It should be kept in mind that if a person hires a taxi to and from the airport then it has a running meter so better to check the meter before traveling to any place in Madrid.

Some important numbers for taxi services are provided on different websites as well as complete information can also be found that how a passenger can complain for bad service. 2.1 Euros is charged when a meter starts. So a person should have enough cash as he can pay the amount immediately to the driver.

For complaining purpose, a process is followed as a passenger has to take receipt from that driver and he is bound to give the receipt then passenger has to write the ID number as well as the tax identification number. Taxi number and date is also required for complaining purpose.

All necessary information can be found on internet that how much amount is charged to and from the airport and how much luggage a taxi can carry.

Maximum four people can hire a taxi from either going to or coming from Madrid airport and even children are included in four people. Taxis are available outside of every terminal at the airport without any delay and time is saved. Few persons can hire a taxi if they are in a group and it depends on their wish that they four are going to pay individually or one person will pay for all so booking the taxi in advance to and from the airport is the best way to get quality of service.

People should avoid the services of taxi drivers inside the terminal building when drivers are not in the mood then one should avoid asking for them. People to and from the airport should check the meter that whether the driver has started it in front of the passenger or is it still show the previous reading. Taxi can also be booked through an online process at the airport.